At CoesterVMS we attract and retain the best appraisers in the nation. Our approach is to provide our appraiser partners with the benefits and support they need to focus on completing the highest quality appraisals. Please keep in mind the following as you consider joining our team.

Partnership Program

CoesterVMS recognizes appraisers committed to excellence in service and quality. Individuals who continually complete high quality appraisals at reasonable turn times move up the tiers of our partnership progam to receive prioritzation in assignment, swift payment, and rewards for reaching new milestones.

Assignment Opportunities at No Charge

CoesterVMS allows you to receive appraisal orders without marketing costs or membership fees.  CoesterVMS assigns orders accordingly based on geographic competence and the professional performance of the appraisers in our network. You accept only the assignments that your schedule allows.

Let Us Handle the Process

Assignments are handled with a combination of our automation and knowledge of historical performance. Appraisers have no direct contact with Loan Officers so there is no pressure to compromise professional standards. CoesterVMS was founded by appraisers, and we treat our appraiser partners fairly and with the respect they deserve. We expect exactly what you want to provide – a fair and accurate appraisal.

Expedited Payment

CoesterVMS pays in compliance with state requirements, so you no longer need to waste valuable time chasing clients who fail to pay for the services ordered. You provide high quality appraisals in a timely and professional manner, and we pay you for those services.

CoesterVMS also offers Direct Deposit of fees via ACH transfer to limit paperwork and increase payment turn times.

Experienced Support Staff

CoesterVMS assigns experienced account managers to all accounts.  These individuals maintain detailed knowledge of appraisal processes and requirements, in addition to associated clients’ special instructions.  Account Managers will serve as the primary contact on specific orders.

CoesterVMS also maintains a Partner Relations department whose primary role is to assist appraisers with managing their profile and addressing escalated issues. 

Reference the “Contact Us” page in Cloud Control for current contact information for all departments.

Powered by Cloud Control

CoesterVMS proprietary software production system provides you with a user friendly interface to track your order inventory and manage your system profile.